This week we launched a few new changes to the GivingFire app that we're excited to share with you - saved payment methods, an improved donation page for desktop and mobile, and more. Let's get started!

Saved Payment Methods

Starting today, all logged-in users have the option of giving with a new card/ACH, or using a saved payment method. This is going to make giving a lot easier and faster for your donor base - a logged-in donor with a saved payment method can now create a new donation in under 10 seconds. 
Payment methods are automatically saved when a donor creates a new recurring donation. This is retroactive, so payment methods from previous recurring donations are available for use. Note that payment methods are not saved for one-time donations.

Improved Desktop/Mobile Giving Page

We've also made a series of design improvements to the desktop and mobile giving pages. From different fonts, spacing changes, and other UX upgrades, the new design is built to work better and faster than ever before. Mobile giving is even more improved - we've listened to feedback, held focus groups, and we're proud of the new page. 
Any design customization you previously added still works with the new design. If you'd like to update the design, note that you can now upload background images directly to GivingFire instead of self-hosting them.

Even More

A few more minor updates were launched this week that we want to briefly mention. If a logged-in user doesn't have an address on record, and the church requires a full contact form, the user is prompted to update their address from the giving page. There's a few additional tweaks to the giving graphs on donor detail pages to correct a rare display error. Finally, we've made some improvements to the Donor Activity feed and will be re-publishing it shortly.

As always, if you have any questions about the new changes, we're happy to help. Reach out to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks and enjoy the new features!

New to GivingFire?

We're passionate about solid donation management for churches and non-profits, and we're trying to bring honesty and transparency to a murky industry. If you need help figuring out donations, we'd love to talk.

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