Email Reports

Receive insightful automatic updates on your organizations’s giving delivered straight to your email inbox.

About Email Reports

GivingFire's automated email reports are built to provide actionable insight without having to log in and run reports. We’ll send you a ledger of the week’s donations, along with activity you need to be aware of with your recurring donations (i.e., new, failed, stopped, and so on.) You can create reports for individual funds or even send out emails on every successful donation.

Email reports are a great way to provide automatic reports to stakeholders that don't necessarily need full administrative access into GivingFire. For example, if your organization has a fund for a specific missionary, you can send that missionary a specific fund email report. That email has everything that missionary needs to track his support, including when recurring donors have cancelled or created a new gift, along with their contact information for follow up. Bookkeepers can have organization-wide email reports with a weekly reconciliation report attached, so they can automate their reconciliation process. Whatever your needs are - there's a good chance that our custom email reports can help you automate it.

How it helps your organization

  • Set up beautiful automated giving reports in just minutes
  • Provide hands-off updates for department heads and missionaries
  • Quickly follow up on potential issues with recurring updates
  • Reduce time spent logging in and creating summaries
  • Gain better understanding of donation flow in your organization

Other Reporting + Analytics Features

Bank Reconciliation

Follow donations all the way to the bank with advanced tracking.

Graphic Visualizations

View custom graphs and charts to gain immediate insight into giving.

Recurring Cashflow

Know exactly when recurring donations are scheduled to arrive.

Year-end Statements

Generate and mail out IRS-compliant giving statements to donors.