Self-repair tools

GivingFire automatically retries and/or follows up with donors to fix broken recurring donations, resulting in an industry-leading repair rate of over 90%.

About Self-repair Tools

No need to follow up with donors about expired cards or other donation issues. GivingFire includes a complex donation failure system to repair donations in any scenario imaginable. We follow up with donors, retry donations, and when necessary guide donors through the donation repair process. We even cover unusual scenarios other donation platforms don't track, including ACH returns after an initial approval, credit chargebacks, and bank software failure.

With over 90% of donations successfully repaired, you can rest easy knowing that recurring donations are taken care of. Still want to check on recurring donations? GivingFire's recurring report and automated weekly emails include information donations currently in the repair process so you can follow up too.

How it helps your organization

  • Stabilize your monthly income with reliable recurring donations
  • Keep more of your recurring donations with industry-leading repair rates
  • Increase donor satisfaction with easy & minimal donation upkeep
  • Remove administrative overhead by allowing GivingFire to repair donations

Other Donor Management Features

Donor Accounts

Donors can view their donation history, update gifts, add pledges, and more.

Donor-covered Fees

Save 40-60% of monthly cost by having donors cover processing fees.

Pledge Management

Accept and track individual giving pledges to build better annual budgets.

Donor Activity

Celebrate donors, not just donations, by highlighting donor activity.