Graphic Visualizations

You don’t need a business background to interpret your organization’s financial status. GivingFire creates custom charts and graphs on the fly to provide you with the detail you need to make decisions.

About Graphic Visualizations

It's not enough to simply hand you a ledger of donations and hope it all makes sense. We're constantly upgrading and adding new reports to bring you actionable insight through custom visual snapshots. Our team of non-profit experts has worked for years to help organizations like yours make sense of the noise and confidently plan for the future. GivingFire can answer questions you haven't even asked yet, and wrap it up in understandable reports for your next board meeting.

Whether you're a church planter without any business experience, or a seasoned non-profit CPA, you'll find useful data and reports around every corner. At every opportunity - from donations and donors to pledges and cashflow - we build reports that are easy enough for anyone to understand, and complex enough to customize for the most niche non-profits. It's one of our core commitments, and you can count on even more in the future.

How it helps your organization

  • Confidently plan for the future with data-driven decisions
  • Bring new staff up-to-speed quickly with intuitive reports
  • Get your staff on the same page with insightful dispatches
  • Eliminate administrative time spent manually creating summaries
  • Quickly identify and clear roadblocks in the way of growth

Other Reporting + Analytics Features

Bank Reconciliation

Follow donations all the way to the bank with advanced tracking.

Automatic Email Reports

Have custom email summaries delivered to your inbox every Monday.

Recurring Cashflow

Know exactly when recurring donations are scheduled to arrive.

Year-end Statements

Generate and mail out IRS-compliant giving statements to donors.