Recurring Cashflow

With GivingFire’s recurring reports, we show when donations are expected to arrive and highlight the overall health of your organization's critical recurring revenue base.

About Recurring Cashflow Reports

We don’t just show you what’s already happened - we show you where you’re going. GivingFire's recurring cashflow report looks ahead to show you when donations are expected to arrive in a easy-to-understand visual calendar. From there, you can drill down into specific funds, see day/week/month totals, view donations be created date, donation amount and more.

We know how important recurring donations are to a non-profit's long-term stability, and we've added proactive controls to make sure you know what's happening. Although you can rest easy knowing that GivingFire's self-repair tools repair broken donations over 90% of the time, your administrators can still view on-the-fly stats to see broken or stopped donations as well as new recurring gifts.

How it helps your organization

  • Encourage long-term fianancial sustainability with recurring gifts
  • Reduce administrative time spent managing scheduled donations
  • Provide easy-to-understand support updates for missionaries
  • Know exactly what donations are coming in instead of guessing
  • Eliminate cashflow issues with short-term planning help

Other Reporting + Analytics Features

Bank Reconciliation

Follow donations all the way to the bank with advanced tracking.

Graphic Visualizations

View custom graphs and charts to gain immediate insight into giving.

Automatic Email Reports

Have custom email summaries delivered to your inbox every Monday.

Year-end Statements

Generate and mail out IRS-compliant giving statements to donors.