Year-end Statements

GivingFire can generate your organization's year-end giving statements at the push of a button. We'll even stuff the envelopes and mail them out every January.

About Year-end Tax Statements

GivingFire automates what your finance team used to do by hand. If you’re collecting both offline and online donations through GivingFire, then we can generate full year-end tax statements at the push of a button for each donor. You can customize the language and branding, add your legal information, and press go. You’ll receive a master file along with individual statements, pre-built to comply with IRS requirements.

In addition to the statement generator, we've also partnered with an outside firm to stuff and mail statements to your donors. We know what an administrative headache it is to manage statements, especially for a small organization, and we've worked manage that for our clients. Furthermore, we pass through the mailing costs without markup - just the costs of postage and paper. You'll never go back to the old way of doing things.

How it helps your organization

  • Eliminate time spent tracking and creating statements every Jan
  • Reduce your non-profit's risk of IRS non-compliance
  • Provide donors with timely & clear giving statements

Other Reporting + Analytics Features

Bank Reconciliation

Follow donations all the way to the bank with advanced tracking.

Graphic Visualizations

View custom graphs and charts to gain immediate insight into giving.

Automatic Email Reports

Have custom email summaries delivered to your inbox every Monday.

Recurring Cashflow

Know exactly when recurring donations are scheduled to arrive.