What is all-in-one donation management, and how can it help your organization?
Monthly donations: $5110.00

All your donations in one place.

GivingFire tracks every single donation your organization receives, so you and your donors gain insight into the entire picture. No more combining records or trying to integrate different products.

Online, Kiosk, and Mobile

From in-person kiosks to Facebook campaigns, GivingFire accepts donations in any format or payment type imaginable. Donations are too important to relegate to a simple e-commerce portal or seldom-used iPhone app - make sure all your bases are covered with one solution.

Offline Tracking

When your donors want to see how much they've given for the year, where do they look? Entering offline donations into GivingFire allows donors, admins, and leaders to view the entire donation history and download tax statements. There's never a charge to record offline donations.

GivingFire automates what your finance team used to do by hand. GivingFire sends weekly bank reconcilation reports to your finance team, and generates year-end tax statements at the push of a button. We'll even stuff the envelopes and mail them out every January.

Donor Management

Remove the barriers that keep your donors from giving.

Donor Tools

Donors can create optional accounts to edit donations, view their history, update information, and more. GivingFire automatically prompts donors to fix expiration dates and other issues - without admin intervention.

Admin Tools

GivingFire tracks donor-specific giving trends and communication methods to help your organization encourage donors. You can also easily export information to communication tools like MailChimp, or member databases like The City.

Reports & Analytics

Intuitive, actionable reports that empower you to grow.

Visualize Donations

You don't need a business background to interpret your organization's financial status. GivingFire creats custom charts and graphs on the fly to provide you with the detail you need to lead and make decisions.

Accurate Forecasting

We don't just show you what's already happened - we show you where you're going. With GivingFire's recurring reports, we show when donations are expected to arrive and chart out long-term growth/decline trends in your organization.

Encourage Donors

Celebrate donors, not just donations. GivingFire's donor detail and donor activity reports highlight how donors give on the site, allowing leaders to encourage new donors or follow up on problems before they become issues.


We give you the tools to make GivingFire your own.

From the donation pages to the email receipt, GivingFire adapts to your organization's branding and message. You don't need to know HTML or have tech skills - our backend makes customization easy.

Furthermore, GivingFire designers are on hand to help you set up your kiosks, build custom onboarding PDFs and flyers for your organization, and even help you access our API/Webhook system for your own custom software integrations.

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All Features

More features than anyone else, and we're continually adding more.

Donation Acceptance

  • Online Donations
  • Offline Donations
  • Donation Kiosks with card swipe
  • Responsive Smartphone Donations
  • Manual Donation Entry
  • Free Tithe & Offering Envelopes
  • Credit, Debit, ACH Giving
  • One-time and Recurring Gifts
  • Guest Recurring Gifts
  • Optional Donor-covered Fees

Donation Management

  • Bank status & reconciliation tracking
  • Customizable Transaction Report
  • In-app Donation Refunds
  • Fund & Campaign Management
  • Tax Statement generator

Donor Management

  • Optional User Accounts
  • Saved Payment Methods
  • Donation Self-repair tools

Reports & Analytics

  • Organization Overview
  • Donor Activity Feed
  • Detailed Donor Reporting
  • Recurring Report
  • Weekly Overview Emails


  • Match your Organization's Branding
  • Customizable HTML Emails
  • On-call GivingFire Designers
  • Custom Onboarding Materials
  • API/Webhook Access