Cash & Check Giving

Record offline donations so you & your donors can track every single donation, along with reports and insight for the entire year.

About Cash & Check Donations

When your donors want to see how much they’ve given for the year, where do they look? Church admins can enter offline donations into GivingFire allows administrators and leaders to view their organization's entire donation history. Offline cash and check donations are tracked alongside online donations, and both contribute towards unified pledge tracking, tax statements, growth reports, and more. There’s never a charge to record offline donations.

What's more, donors are able to review every donation they've given from their user account, even if it was made offline. This allows donors to accurately see what they've given and better plan for future donations. We've found this massively reduces administrative overhead, as donors no longer worry if their most recent check made it in the mail, or if it was properly counted towards their yearly pledge. GivingFire does all of the heavy lifting - so your team doesn't have to.

How it helps your organization

  • Gain greater insight by generating reports that contain all donation sources
  • Reduce overhead by automating offline pledge tracking, reconciliation, & more
  • Eliminate double entry by combining all your giving records in one platform
  • Allow donors to view their entire donation history by themselves

Other Donation Management Features

Online Giving

Accept online donations in any format, location, or payment type imaginable.

Self-service Kiosk Giving

Allow donors to make quick, card-present donations in under 30 seconds.

Smartphone Giving

Reach your donors wherever they're at with GivingFire's mobile giving options.


Create one-time or recurring donations with just a single text message.