Donor Accounts

Donors can view their entire donation history - online and offline - as well as easily edit donations, download year-end giving statements, add pledges, and more.

About Donor Accounts

Just as GivingFire works to simplify donations for admins, we take the same care to provide simple yet powerful controls for donors. Your donors will have unprecedented access to historical records, pledge reports, payment methods, and year-end tax statements. They'll be able to access their free account from their computers, tablets, and smartphones 24/7 - no more emails to the church administrator asking if the Sunday donation was received.

Donor accounts are not required to give online. Donors can create instant one-time or recurring donations as a guest, and GivingFire adapts to provide simple donation controls for recurring guest donations. If a donor creates an account later, they'll find they have full access to donation controls and history once they verify their account.

How it helps your organization

  • Reduce year-end shortfalls with easy year-to-date giving history
  • Grow new campaigns by giving donors the ability to update existing donations
  • Encourage transparency by providing an online donation record for donors
  • Remove administrative overhead by allowing donors to create accounts
  • Allow donors to create recurring donations without logging in

Other Donor Management Features

Donation Repair Tools

GivingFire automatically follows up with donors to fix broken donations.

Donor-covered Fees

Save 40-60% of monthly cost by having donors cover processing fees.

Pledge Management

Accept and track individual giving pledges to build better annual budgets.

Donor Activity

Celebrate donors, not just donations, by highlighting donor activity.