Pledge Management

Build better annual budgets, prevent year-end budget shortfalls, and create a stable monthly income with GivingFire's pledge creation and fulfillment tracking tools.

About Pledge Management

Say goodbye to year-end budget shortfalls. GivingFire's pledge management system allows organizations or collect individuals pledges from their donors online. Once pledges have been entered, GivingFire does the rest - pledge fulfillment is tracked based on online and offline donations on a per-donor basis, then complied into automatic reports for both donors and administrators alike.

A little over 90% of donors meet their annual pledge when using GivingFire's pledge system. We've found that it's an incredibly helpful tool for administrators to accurately project annual income, as well as helping donors stay on track for the year and give what they actually intend to. The best part? It's largely a hands-off tool - introduce the feature to your donors and show them how to make a pledge, and GivingFire will handle the rest automatically throughout the year.

How it helps your organization

  • Plan and create more accurate yearly budgets based on actual data
  • Reduce lost donations with clear records that track against pledge goals
  • Assists donors in giving consistently throughout the year
  • Significantly reduces time spent following up on pledge shortfalls
  • Eliminate time spent tracking donor pledge fulfillment

Other Donor Management Features

Donor Accounts

Donors can view their donation history, update gifts, add pledges, and more.

Donation Repair Tools

GivingFire automatically follows up with donors to fix broken donations.

Donor-covered Fees

Save 40-60% of monthly cost by having donors cover processing fees.

Donor Activity

Celebrate donors, not just donations, by highlighting donor activity.