Donor Activity

Celebrate donors - not just donations. GivingFire highlights new donors, first-time gifts, and proactively identifies potential issues so leaders can follow up well.

About Donor Activity

A good donation system should be more than a passive ledger of transactions. It should also reflect the living, breathing nature of your organization as donors come alongside your mission in support. GivingFire's Donor Activity feed goes beyond the transaction list to provide insight into what your donors are actually doing, so that your leaders can support the people that support your organization.

GivingFire's Donor Activity feed shows how donors are engaging with your organization - from the donor who gave for the first time, or the donor that switches from sporadic one-time donations to a recurring gift. GivingFire also points out issues that a donor might be experiencing while making a donation, so you can follow up, provide assistance, and recover a donation you might have lost on another donation platform. It's another way to ensure that your organization is equipped not only to accept donations, but manage and grow them well.

How it helps your organization

  • Increase donor engagement by identifying and following up with donors
  • Cut down on lost donations by following up on potential issues
  • Creates a culture of donor celebration and communication
  • Builds a greater understanding of organization-wide donor trends

Other Donor Management Features

Donor Accounts

Donors can view their donation history, update gifts, add pledges, and more.

Donation Repair Tools

GivingFire automatically follows up with donors to fix broken donations.

Donor-covered Fees

Save 40-60% of monthly cost by having donors cover processing fees.

Pledge Management

Accept and track individual giving pledges to build better annual budgets.