Donor-covered fees

Organizations can optionally ask donors to cover processing fees on their online donation, which typically saves an organization 40-60% of their monthly cost.

About Donor-covered Fees

With GivingFire, admins have the ability to ask donors to cover the card processing fee when giving online. We spent months testing language tweaks and implementation to build the best possible version - donors see a quick request, the additional increase is immediately visible on the donation page and receipt, and the additional fees are tax-deductible (and automatically included in GivingFire's year-end tax statements.) Fees are also automatically built into administrative reports when appropriate - it's all taken care of!

On average, organizations save about 40-60% of their monthly fees when using this GivingFire feature. Although it's not typical, we've seen organizations with 80% of their fees covered by donors. GivingFire's account managers have helped churches and non-profits across America with implementation strategies custom-built to increase adoption. We'd love to see if donor-covered fees will work for you - contact us today for more information.

How it helps your organization

  • Significantly offset the cost of accepting credit & debit cards
  • Using donor-covered fees provides high-end donor management at a low cost
  • Increase donor participation with your organization and mission
  • Remove admin overhead by automating fees in reports and tax statements

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