Bank Reconciliation

Unlike many donation tools, GivingFire tracks donations all the way to the bank, meaning you can generate full reconciliation reports to compare against bank activity.

About the Transaction List

GivingFire’s primary transaction reports are an incredibly powerful tool to gain insight into donations or export into third-party systems. There are over 36,000 possible reporting permutations, from a simple monthly report to how many donors successfully give to the new mission fund through kiosk. Furthermore, our Quick Transaction Stats show crucial stats immediately - no more waiting overnight for a report to compile, or configuring data in Excel or Quickbooks to find what you need.

After a donation has been made, GivingFire continues to track donations as they process and ultimately settle in your organization's bank account. Most donation platforms only track when the initial donation was created. This creates massive headaches for your bookkeepers, as they have to guess and check when donations were deposited and manually fix post-processing issues. GivingFire takes care of everything and prepares easy reconciliation reports from day one.

How it helps your organization

  • Cut time spent on bank reconcilation in half with easy bank reports
  • View donation statuses in real-time as they reach your bank account
  • Track giving trends and growth through quick transaction statistics
  • Save and automate custom reports built specifically for your organization
  • Share insights immediately by emailing custom leader reports

Other Reporting + Analytics Features

Graphic Visualizations

View custom graphs and charts to gain immediate insight into giving.

Automatic Email Reports

Have custom email summaries delivered to your inbox every Monday.

Recurring Cashflow

Know exactly when recurring donations are scheduled to arrive.

Year-end Statements

Generate and mail out IRS-compliant giving statements to donors.