We get it - you're busy. It's hard enough just maintaining a non-profit, much less advancing your mission. We get that a lot of you don't have time to routinely check GivingFire to monitor progress - which is why email reports can be such a time-saver. But what are email reports, and how can they help?

Email reports are an easy way for you and your organization's staff to receive automatic, regular updates on your non-profit's donations without having to log into GivingFire. Even better, they can be customized to save you time where you need it the most. Here are three ways email reports can be set up to maximize their impact for you:


Weekly email reports include a ledger of the week's donations, along with activity you need to be aware of with your recurring donations (i.e., new, failed, stopped, and so on.) Optionally, you can choose to include a CSV report with the previous week's donation data inside. Use this as a week-by-week update on your recurring donations, your donors, and your giving goals. 

We recommend using this report to reach out to donors whose recurring donations have recently been stopped, or to thank donors who have recently started a recurring donation to your mission!


You can also opt for the same report to be sent on a monthly basis rather than a weekly basis. Monthly reports contain all the same information for the previous month, and just like with weekly reports, you can choose to include a monthly reconciliation report CSV. This is the CSV we recommend using to reconcile your monthly statements. It orders transactions by settled date, not created date, for accurate bank reconciliation. 

We recommend this report as an easy way for accountants and bookkeepers to automatically get donation records in their inbox when they need it the most!


You can further hone in on your weekly or monthly reports by having them sent for specific funds. Just like the other reports, a fund-specific report can include the weekly or monthly reconciliation report CSV for that fund. You can use this to send fund-specific emails to key stakeholders that don't otherwise have access to GivingFire reports and records. 

We recommend this report for a missionary with their own fund at your church. They can receive their own fund's weekly or monthly email, which includes names and emails to thank new recurring donors or follow up on stopped donations!

We hope these tips and tricks on email reports will help save you time and enhance your mission. For further information on how to set up any of these reports, please visit our helpdesk: http://givingfire.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/3000045664-setting-up-email-reports, or contact your GivingFire Account Manager.

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