So you've recently set up your GivingFire account and you have donations rolling in on a regular basis. Your donors are getting used to your online platform. One major item has just been checked off the list. Congratulations! But even though a major item on the list got checked off, the list just keeps growing. At GivingFire we want to help you by checking some more of those boxes off the list. 

Did you know you can use GivingFire credit card processing for bookstores, e-commerce, coffee shops, and more?

One phrase we throw around a lot is “everything in one place.” It's far simpler to have one processing account with one trusted account manager, one pricing model, and one statement for everything in your organization, rather than (for example) Square for bookstores, PayPal online, GivingFire for donations, and so on. Here's some of the things other organizations are using with their GivingFire credit card processing:

  • Church bookstores: the software at is free for GivingFire users, and the kiosk hardware is interchangeable with GivingFire's donation kiosks.
  • E-commerce sites: many organizations use GivingFire's processing to sell books and media online using WooCommerce and other online portals.
  • Event ticketing: we've partnered with a few organizations to provide support for event ticketing using GivingFire's processing.
  • Coffee shops & other POS systems: we can support a wide variety of hardware and checkout systems, and in some cases have some in-stock at our warehouse.

If you're thinking about adding the above items, all you need to do is contact your account manager to talk through the various hardware solutions that you will need for each platform. Since you're already set up to process credit cards through GivingFire, the process goes pretty quick and in most cases we can get you up and running in a week or two.

Let’s get some more boxes checked off your list in one quick phone call or email!

New to GivingFire?

We're passionate about solid donation management for churches and non-profits, and we're trying to bring honesty and transparency to a murky industry. If you need help figuring out donations, we'd love to talk.

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