Three ways churches can celebrate donors

Giving isn’t just an administrative or even a financial act – it’s a deeply pastoral and missional action. With this in mind, here's three ways churches can celebrate donors and the work being done through them.


Using PayPal Donations for your Church or Non-Profit

As PayPal has grown, they have branched out into various niche industries to try to expand their business, including the non-profit sector. But are they a good fit for your church or non-profit? Let's take a look.


Lessons from Rancho La Paloma Ministry Center

We sent one of our team members to the Rancho La Paloma Ministry Center in Tecate, Mexico - here's his story about what he brought back about different models of mission & serving in foreign cultures.


Empower church leaders to handle donations well

One of the most important ways a donation management system can help a church grow is by empowering church leaders by organizing data and providing insightful reports. Most donation programs are simple transaction-gatherers: they accept a donation online or mobile, maybe have a list of transactions or a graph or two, and that's it. We think there should be more.


Saved Payment Methods, Improved Design, and more

We just launched a few new changes to the GivingFire app that we're excited to share with you - saved payment methods, an improved donation page for desktop and mobile, and more. Let's get started!


Bookstores, E-commerce, & more with GivingFire

Did you know you can use GivingFire credit card processing for church bookstores, e-commerce, coffee shops, and more?


What Type of Donation Kiosk is Right For Me?

Giving kiosks are an innovative and eye-catching way to collect donations, but selecting the right donation system for your organization's needs can be challenging. There are a LOT of options on the market - what should you look for in a donation kiosk?


Donation Safety & Security Overview

At GivingFire, we're serious about donation security for non-profits. We've gone to great lengths to make sure the information for both non-profits and their donors are protected at all times. Here's an overview on what we're doing to secure your data.


Equipping your staff to handle donations well

There’s no way around it – non-profit finances are complex and time-consuming. Every new stage in growth only adds to that burden – more people to keep track of, more special funds to separate and record, and more payment methods (offline/online/kiosk/mobile) to accept. A good donation system will increase your processing ability – but the best donation systems will simultaneously reduce administrative burden on your staff and volunteers.


The drawbacks of using Dwolla as a non-profit

Dwolla was launched in 2010 as a challenge to the payment industry. Although Dwolla works with non-profits, the negatives far outweigh the lower cost.